Sandra Lynn Burnett | Health Coach & Business Consultant

Are you a health professional looking for an additional revenue stream in your business
would you like to have your own business and work from anywhere?

Sandra Burnett is a Holistic Registered Nurse, Equestrian and Entrepreneur. For the past 30+ years, she has been a business consultant and continues to be a national recruiter in the health and wellness industry.

To earn more daily, simply schedule a complimentary appointment. I look forward to meeting you!

Build residual income
while helping others.

In our meeting, we will discuss your financial goals and what you have tried previously. If I can be of service to you, I will give you a step-by-step plan to start reaching your income potential!

NO Brick & Mortar Needed!

  • No business plan needed
  • No operating or shareholder agreements
  • No contract and review preparation
  • No board of directors
  • No attorneys needed
  • No large loan needed
  • No website needed to be developed
  • No payroll or staff schedules
  • No federal regulations
  • No shipping or fulfillment issues
  • No inventory required
  • No EXTRA utilities, taxes, regulatory, or insurance costs

Why Sandra?